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Presentazione Calendario 2023

Presentation of the 2023 calendar

The Ileana Della Corte calendar arrives in Pompeii .

This year's «Neapolitan Pirelli» is set inside the Habita 79 hotel , a short distance from the archaeological excavations. Now in its 34th edition, it is entitled Jewelry & Design and opens onto the hotel lobby with Roberta Santagata de Castro in a complete Roberta Bacarelli tuxedo. Daniela Bernardis in Sherì fur and Francesco Pedone in M.Cilento & F.llo are the protagonists of the month of February and pose in front of ancient amphorae.

In March there is Benedetta Vitale in Eles Couture, in April Piera and Clara Tuccillo in Alessio Visone. Maria Laura Salvia talks about May in Le Zirre total look and the protagonists of June are Tiziana and Franco La Greca , she in the Blunauta kimono, he in the Isaia dress.

In July Marinella dresses Giulia and Ivo Borghese , she in a scarf dress and he with the company's iconic tie. August is narrated by Laura Durante and Gerardo Grasso , in Eles Couture and Fefè Napoli.

The Le Zirre Napoli brocade coat is worn by Elena Longo in September and for October Alessandra Cotrufo poses in Sherì and Alberto Conzo in Fefé Napoli. Roberta Branca in Blunauta outfit poses for November.

December closes the overview of the twelve months in the company of Ileana della Corte jewels with Roberta Bacarelli wearing one of her dresses, escorted by two knights in Isaia tuxedos: her husband Gabor Szaniszlo and Fabio Migliaccio .

The calendar was presented during a brunch organized in the spaces of Habita 79, with the protagonists of the shots and a series of guests who have been following the "stories" of the calendar for over thirty years. The enthusiastic and attentive director of Carla Della Corte, who took over the reins of the family business some time ago and who personally follows the making of the endowment, is enthusiastic and attentive . In the images the news of a sunny and social Sunday.


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